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Prototype 2 English Language Pack [March-2022]




has to work on Linux only from my point of view. it's in universe though but can you build it yourself? no it's one of those build for spain, fr,... dpkg-reconfigure locales wow that's interesting.. I see.. I've no idea why this is happening, I would have expected it to use the same translation as the main packages but I guess the fact that it's in universe makes it less useful :p :D hey btw why is my xserver build failing in pbuilder? this is on precise *this is on quantal* the pbuilder log is in the same paste give it a shot with debuild -us -uc -b so it succeeded? yes okay well I'm off, ttyl see you bbl hahaha x1 SpamapS: not seeing the new empathy trunk upload for.1 being considered for beta2 SpamapS: it's just the same as we did for beta1 micahg: probably better to talk to the release team about it cjwatson: I may have to do that thanks cjwatson: I can see they've been taking a few extra days lately ;) SpamapS: I'm not sure where it's being held up SpamapS: it's not in the queue, so it doesn't appear to be in progress




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Prototype 2 English Language Pack [March-2022]

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